Extracting Instagram insights via Tableau Desktop

Yong Long Foo
3 min readJun 18, 2020


This is an 8 step procedure on how to utilize the Instagram Web Data connector API to extract Instagram insights into Tableau. No coding or any other additional software is needed. You can generate interesting charts or perform simple EDA analysis on the desired Instagram account. Before embarking on this exercise, do make sure you have the password and username for the Instagram account.

Software/Tools required:

  1. Tableau Desktop
  2. Instagram account (Business/Personal)


  1. Open blank Tableau workbook. Under “To a Server”, click “More” and select “Web Data Connector”.

2. A pop-up in Tableau Desktop should appear. Enter the following link, “https://illonage.github.io:443/”. Take note that the link should be entered in your Tableau Desktop and NOT your web browser.

3) The following pop-up will appear once the link is entered. Click “Connect to Instagram”.

4) Log in to the desired Instagram account. After clicking on “Log In”, page will begin to load.

Optional — If you screen freezes at this page, press the back button and continue to Step 6.

5) If you have enabled MFA, key in your security code sent to your phone.

6) Select “Get the data from your account” and click on “Get Data”.

7) You should reach this page. Under the connections tab, there should be a connection to a web data source labeled “Results for empty empty”. Click on “Automatically Update”

8) If you are able to load the data as shown below, congratulations! Open a new sheet and start visualizing. For those who have experienced errors, force quit Tableau and reopen the file. You just have to restart from Step 4.

Thank you guys for viewing my tutorial and happy analyzing! Do give a clap and/or share it with your friends if you find it useful.



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